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The History

This social and cultural documentary film festival is organized by the “Hai Visto Mai” Cultural Association, founded by Luca Zingaretti  with the main aim of promoting Documentary films as a genre that truly provides a deeper insight into contemporary news, in a moment in time when the proliferation of information sometimes works to the detriment of its quality. This genre has huge potential for communication, further discussion and exchange between different cultures and societies.

The Festival was created in 2006 by Luca Zingaretti with the cooperation of Chicco Agnese and Patrizia Cafiero, and in the last few years, Angela Zingaretti and Angela Dal Piaz, as Project Managers, have relaunched and developed the original format of the event.

The Festival originated in Tuscany, thanks to the support and the collaboration of Regione Toscana. For the first few years it took place in the beautiful city of Siena, and in 2012 it moved to the city of Cortona, an ideal setting to consolidate and at the same time relaunch a “new” Festival.

In the past years the “Hai visto mai” documentary film festival has made the audience aware of the existence of a top notch documentary film scene in Italy. Moreover, the meetings, the Q&A’s and the open forums, which are considered an essential feature of the Festival, have made it possible for people to discuss the social and cultural issues of Italy and other countries like South America, Iran and Chechnya with professionals in the field of cinema, television and journalism.

The experience we have developed through the Sienese and Cortona's years and the cooperation with top-of-the-line professionals have inspired us to create a new project that will start this year in Pesaro on 3, 4 and 5 July 2015