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PESARO DOC FEST “HAI VISTO MAI?”  is sponsored and organized by ASSOCIAZIONE

CULTURALE “HAI VISTO MAI”,chaired by Luca Zingaretti.



The Festival will be held in Pesaro (Marche, Italy) on  July 3, 4 and 5, 2015.



The Documentary Film Festival’s goal is to promote documentaries as a way to analyze and meditate on social issues and current topics, and to draw attention to the importance of the European documentary scene as a whole.



The Festival is divided into two different sections:

- International Documentary Challenge “30’ DOC”: documentaries on social and cultural issues from all over the world, up to a maximum length of 30 minutes.

- International Documentary Challenge “80’ DOC”: documentaries on social and cultural issues from all over the world, up to a maximum length of 80 minutes.


a) Starting this year, all entries for the International Documentary Challenge must be submitted exclusively online and no later than March 13, 2015.

b) Any Italian and international documentary dealing with social and cultural issues up to a maximum length of 30 minutes (for the 30’ DOC section) or 80 minutes (for the 80’ DOC section) is eligible for admission.

c) Documentaries which were previously aired on Italian television or were already submitted to the “HAI VISTO MAI?” Festival in the past editions are NOT eligible for admission, except for those submitted for the 2014 Edition, as the festival eventually did not take place. Documentaries presented to other festivals and which have received any award therein, are still eligible for participation.

d) Each author or producer, even in collaboration with other people, can take part to both challenges and submit more than one documentary for Festival consideration, however only one of them will be eligible to compete in each challenge.

e) Admission to the competition and to the final selection is indisputably determined by the Festival’s Artistic Direction, with the collaboration of a Selection Committee.

f) All entries must be in English. If in a different language (Italian included) documentaries are required to have English subtitles.



A jury will award the following prizes:

- “HAI VISTOMAI? 30’ DOC Challenge 2014” Prize, consisting of € 2.500,00 (TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED).

- “HAI VISTOMAI? 80’ DOC Challenge 2014” Prize, consisting of € 2.500,00 (TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED).

All the Jury’s decisions are final.

The Prizes will be assigned by the Jury during the Festival. The winner will be announced on July 5 in Pesaro.



Registration of the documentaries to the pre-selection is to be made online at the following address: http://submission.haivistomai.it/ and it’s entirely free of charge.

Once you have filled in the form with the info regarding the submitter and the documentary and you have chosen a password, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail which will grant you access to the private online section where you will be ale to complete the registration with the required info in Italian or in English.


You will be asked to provide:

-       a brief summary of the documentary in Italian and/or English (max 2000 characters, spaces included);

-       the director’s biography and filmography (list of films, including year of production) in Italian and/or English (a Word document containing max 800 characters, spaces included);

-       a zip file containing high resolution production stills and a photo of the director whose authorized and free of charge publication the filmmaker has granted permission to upon submission of the film;

-       a complete and final script of the dialogues in the original language plus their English translation (including voice overs –if any-) in the following formats: .doc or .pdf;

-       the entire documentary in .mp4 format

-       a no longer than 3 minutes trailer in .mp4 format with English subtitles;


Once you’ve completed the online registration, you will be asked to click on the “SEND” button. From the moment, it won’t be possible to alter any data concerning your documentary.


NOTE: If you want to submit more than one film in the competition, you will have to complete the registration form providing a different e-mail address for each documentary you’re submitting (the system links each e-mail to a single documentary).



a) Of the entries received, the Jury will pick 4 finalists for the 30’DOC Prize and 4 finalists for the 80’ DOC Prize.

b) The authors and/or producers of the selected documentaries will be notified of the result within May 2015. If your documentary won’t be selected you will not receive any notification.

c) If selected, you will be asked to provide 2 copies of the documentary on DVD/BLU-RAY in HIGH DEFINITION, which will be used to prepare and screen the Italian subtitles. Foreign documentaries will be shown in their original language with Italian subtitles. Documentaries whose original spoken language is not English will be shown with both English and Italian subtitles.

The DVDs of the selected documentaries must be mailed no later thanMay 30, 2015to the following address:

Associazione Culturale “Hai visto mai”

Via Luca Signorelli 8 – 00196 Rome - Italy


For customs purposes you are kindly required to write the following words on the package:

“Senza valore commerciale, per soli scopi culturali”.

(“No commercial value, for cultural purposes only”)



a) The documentaries will be preserved in the Association’s online archive for merely documental purposes. Access to the Archive will only be granted to the Festival’s Artistic Director and to the Selection Committee. Should we receive any requests from other parties to screen a documentary for promotional, educational, research and reference purposes, we will ask for permission directly to the owner of the copyrights before initiating any collaboration.

b) Shipping costs, if applicable, are the sole responsibility of the entrant. This also applies for customs duties. The copies of the film that have been sent to the Festival will not be returned and will be preserved in the Association’s archive.

c) The copies of the documentary that have been initially submitted for the selection cannot differ from the ones that will be screened at the Festival. Failure to do so will result in the exclusion of the short film from the competition.

d) Authors, producers and distributors of the documentaries that have been selected and awarded at 2015 Pesaro Doc Fest “Hai Visto Mai?” are kindly invited to use the official logo of the Festival and the Pesaro Doc Fest “Hai Visto Mai?” laurel leaves (both available at the Festival’s office) on the film’s credits and on all promotional material, including press kits and websites.

d) It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to secure authorization and permission from the copyright owner(s) of any and all copyrighted content or materials (images, music...) included within the submitted film. Entry to the Contest and any prize awarded do not, in any explicit or implicit way, entail the grant of any rights on the film itself to the Pesaro Doc Fest “HAI VISTO MAI?”.

e) These Rules and Regulations have been written in Italian and in English. Should interpretation issues occur, the Italian version is to be taken as reference.

f) By submitting your film to the Festival you are agreeing to be bound by the festival’s rules and regulations. 

g) The selection, the screenings and the calendar of events are entirely and exclusively up to the Direction of the Festival.

h) Should any controversy arise, the competent court of jurisdiction shall be the Court of Rome.